About us

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Shane Wicks

President & Founder
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Emma Scotchmer

Vice President

Hyperion Electrical Industry aims to be the world’s best electrical and renovation company in Canada. Using advanced technology, leading industry resources, along with proven leaders Hyperion Electrical Industries provides a powerful competitive advantage that can help grow any vision.


Be the safest, most customer-focused and successful Electrical company in the world.


Never underestimate the “power” and impact of your imagination. Together, helping you today to achieve your dream home or building tomorrow.


Hyperion Electrical Industries, is owned and managed by Shane Wicks and Emma Scotchmer. Partners in business and life, Shane and Emma are strong believers in ensuring the clients needs are not just met, but are surpassed. There ‘customer comes first’, honest and integral approach to their business sees they deliver on any promise set.

Together Shane and Emma are exposing Hyperion to the world of business networking and involving the company in many charity and volunteer organizations. Shane and Emma are passionate that Hyperion gives back to the community in which it has established its success. There is not much down time for these guys!

Shane and Emma are active gym goes, with Shane a former body builder and Emma an active Ironman competitor, they believe strongly in living a healthy lifestyle and impart this into their family. Other interests are musical theatre, acting, digital art, reading, travel, volunteering and charity work. They are both very passionate about self development growth and business leadership. This is an area that Shane and Emma have great experience and exposure in, both in Canada and Internationally.

Shane and Emma are passing their business mind set onto the family. Clark and avid song writer and musician who plays guitar and Corbyn who has just received bronze at Provincial Gymnastics and plays the violin. The children are involved equally in the charity work done by Hyperion, whether this is a charity run, talent show or helping out others when preparing for events, they can be found there as a family.

Shane is Ottawa born and raised, as a Certified Red Seal Trade and Master Electrician and actor there are many skills he holds. Shane has experience at project management and teaches Electrical Maintenance and Construction and Electrical Engineering at Algonquin College.

Emma completed her studies in English and the Arts in London, UK before transferring her private industry business skill set to Canada. With career exposure Internationally before the move, her extensive experience in Employment law and labour relations has allowed her to continue in this field in Ottawa. As an ADR Practitioner and Certified Conflict Resolution mediator, her negotiation skills and business mind set is extensive. She is currently in continued education in Law, and plans to sit the Bar very soon.

Together, Shane and Emma are committed to the growth and expansion of Hyperion Electrical and the work that is done by the company within the community.


As the effects of the virus are still affecting us on a global level we remain open and with our standard hours to both the public and private sectors. The majority of our business remains unaffected as we continue to practice safe social distancing and procedures imparted by WHO and Health Canada. Those seeking estimates must be done on-site to ensure accuracy. Thank you for your understanding in these ever-changing times.