How to Get Your Backyard Summer Ready

Is your backyard ready for summer?

The kids are registered for sports and camps, you booked time off for vacations, and you’ve got dozens of meal ideas that would be perfect for the grill. What more could you possibly have to do?

You deserve a place where you can kick your feet up and enjoy a perfect evening without having to leave your house.

Let us help you turn your backyard into a tropical-inspired oasis.

Set the mood with outdoor lighting

Stop letting the sun setting put an end to your gatherings. With the right lighting, you can keep the party going all night long.

Not sure where to start? Consider investing in pot lights.

They’re discreet, versatile, and perfect for highlighting key features in your backyard.

Because they’re recessed into whatever structure you want to put them in, they’re not going to ruin the look of your carefully crafted aesthetic. You can put them in porch ceilings, soffits (where your roof meets your siding), or even in your deck.

Get the party started with outdoor speakers

What sounds better: doing some gardening or yard work in silence or doing the same work with music blasting from an outdoor speaker?

Whether you’re working, entertaining guests, or anything in between, it will be 10 times more fun with a good set of speakers that allow you to hear every note of your favourite songs.

While it might be tempting to save yourself a few dollars and try to install them yourself, we highly advise against that. To really get the most out of your speakers, consider reaching out to our team of licensed electricians to install them for you.

Don’t miss a single moment with security cameras

Your backyard is going to be amazing. Inviting your friends and family over for quality time is going to be a common occurrence.

But what happens when uninvited guests decide to pop by unexpectedly?

Protect your investment and yourself with the help of security cameras. Getting them professionally installed means you’ll never miss a thing.

Cool off with a dip in the pool

If you really want to add something special, consider getting a pool… And maybe even a hot tub if you want your backyard to be even more relaxing.

Whether you choose an above or below ground pool, your friends and family will thank you for giving them a place to cool off when the temperatures skyrocket.

If you don’t want your stress levels to rise like the mercury on your thermometer this summer, get us to wire your pool pump or hot tub for you. That way you don’t have to worry about any mishaps preventing you from taking a dip when you need it the most.

What else can you do to make your home summer ready?

The possibilities are endless and aren’t confined to just your backyard. Get your entire property ready for the best summer yet, but make sure you do it with the help of professionals – like us!

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