Everything You Need to Know About Service Upgrades

When was the last time you had a service upgrade?

With dozens of new appliances and gadgets hitting the shelves every day, you might be wondering if your home or office space can handle the increased demand for power.

If you live in an older home, chances are it was built with between 50-100 amps. At the time, that would have been more than enough, but now there are way more electrical appliances that you depend on, which is why today’s houses may have 150 or 200 amps. This increase has kept up with the growing number of appliances and additions to your home.

Before we get into the importance of these services, we have to answer one very important question.

What is a service upgrade?

To put it simply, a service upgrade is a way to allow more power into your home.

The main electrical panel, sometimes called a service panel, is the epicentre of electrical circuits in your house. They usually provide between 100 and 400 amps of power. In order to keep up with your newer gadgets and the need for more power, you should opt for a 200 amp panel.

Do service upgrades increase my hydro bill?

Getting a larger panel does not mean that more power is used. It means that you will have more electrical capacity for your house if you need it.

When you look at the main circuit breaker in your house, the amps listed will determine the highest amount your house can safely use. If the power demand for a particular circuit reaches the maximum number of amps, the circuit breaker will shut down power because there is a chance that the wiring can overheat.

When should I get a service upgrade?

You should consider getting a service upgrade when you plan to add power-sucking appliances or additions to your home. This includes things like hot tubs, pools, garages, extra living space, or dryers where you did not have one before. That way, you know that your house can handle the increased electrical load.

Who can perform service upgrades in Ottawa?

You want to make sure that your home can handle everything you throw at it, whether adding new appliances or additional space. When you reach out to the Hyperion team, you can rest assured knowing that the qualified electricians will make sure that you have enough power to keep up with your needs.

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