Why You Need an Electrician to Install Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the perfect addition to your backyard oasis.

They’re the best way to unwind after a long day, entertain friends, or warm up on a chilly fall or winter evening.

If you want to make the most of your hot tub, make sure you get a professional to install it. We know what you might be thinking…

Why can’t I install my hot tub myself?

It might seem tempting to DIY your hot tub installation.

But unless you want to end up with the equivalent of a really expensive bird bath, you’re going to want to trust the experts.

Certified electricians (like us!) are trained and experienced at following the strict requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). This means that we can wire your hot tub in a way that will ensure your safety and pass an electrical inspection.

It is crucial that your hot tub passes an inspection in the event of an accident caused by an electrical problem. Your insurance provider will need to see proof that your hot tub passed an inspection. If you can’t provide proof, you are highly unlikely to receive a settlement.

If you’re thinking that an accident couldn’t possibly happen to you because you know what you’re doing, that is just wishful thinking.

Trying to wire a hot tub when you’re not a certified electrician is a recipe for disaster.

“It’s just wires and water, what could go wrong?”

Lots of things.

Do you know what GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection is? If not, you’re running the risk of major hazards like electrocution. Any electrical outlet that is outside and/or close to water must include GFCI protection. It works by disconnecting your hot tub from the electrical supply in the event of an electrical short.

Ok so maybe you don’t know what GFCI protection is, but you can learn about that quickly, right? No big deal.

What about making sure that everything is bonded properly?

When you have a combination of water, electricity, and metal in close proximity, things can get a little dangerous. The metal parts that are carrying the electrical current need to be bonded together and back to the panel by a professional. Not doing this, or doing it wrong, can lead to a wiring problem or a short, resulting in a potentially fatal electrocution.

“Surely there’s a YouTube tutorial that will tell me everything I need to know and will definitely be better than hiring a certified professional!”

Maybe. But will a YouTube video tell you about the dangers of tripping the breaker? Unlikely.

If the breaker trips when you turn on the hot tub, you’ve got a big problem. It might be from something as simple as moisture in the system or normal wear and tear. Or it could be from loose wires and faulty connections done by someone who didn’t get the help of trained professionals. No matter how it was caused, this problem puts you at risk of electrical fires.

If you’re still not convinced that cutting corners and trying to do the work yourself can have major consequences, consider that faulty hot tub wiring caused one of the most destructive wildfires in California in 2015. It cost nearly $57 million to extinguish and it destroyed over 76,000 acres and almost 2,000 structures.

How can I get a hot tub installed in Ottawa?

If you’ve decided that you’d rather have a team of professionals install your hot tub and not have to rely on a YouTube video to keep you and your family safe, reach out to us today!

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