How to Lower Your Hydro Bill

Hydro bills are one of those things no one warned you about when you were a kid.

One minute you’re young and free, the next you’re opening a bill that you swear is way higher than you think it should be. The good news is that there are ways to lower your bill each month so that you’re not stuck paying more than you should.

The best way to do that is to pay attention to how you’re using electricity. Doing so could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Unplug unused electronics

When you keep your electronics plugged in all day, it uses electricity even if you’re not using the devices. This is called phantom power. If you want to reduce the amount you’re using, plug your devices into a power bar and be sure to turn it off before you leave the house.

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the average home has roughly 40 products that are constantly using power. The biggest culprits in phantom power are:

  • Any devices with a remote control such as a TV
  • External power supplies like a printer
  • Chargers for your cellphone or computer (laptops are one of the worst offenders, drawing an average of 9 watts, even in off mode)
  • Devices that are always on, like an oven or microwave

While it won’t save you a lot of money, unplugging your devices could save you around $50/year.

Make the most out of laundry days

When you get a stain on your favourite shirt, it’s tempting to throw it in the wash by itself. Maybe you’ll even throw in a few pairs of socks and a sweater you find on the floor, but doing smaller loads of laundry is actually costing you more.

Try to do full loads of laundry to cut down on the number of times you’re running your washer and dryer. Cutting even one load could save you up to $18/year. If you want to save even more money, consider washing your clothes in cold water. Doing this for an average of three times a week could save you $22/year.

There’s nothing better than putting on a pair of pyjamas fresh out of the dryer on a cold winter night or after an evening shower. But if you’re just using your dryer to warm your clothes, you’re throwing away money. In fact, using your dryer when you don’t need to could be costing you up to $65/year. Consider hanging your clothes on a clothing line or on a clothing rack.

Change up your dinner plans

It’s no secret that Canadian summers can be hot. Turning your oven on to cook a meal or snack is probably the last thing you want to do. Instead of spending money on takeout, why not save a few dollars and look into different ways of cooking?

Try barbecuing, using a microwave, or a toaster oven to reduce heat in your home and save on cooling costs. A toaster oven alone will allow you to use less than 50% less electricity than your electric stove, according to ENERGY STAR.

Using alternative ways to cook can save you about $18/year.

How can I save money on my electric bill in Ottawa?

Those are just some of the ways you can save money. If you really want to make a dent in your bill, talk to a team of experienced electricians (like us!). We can help you make the switch to and install energy saving appliances and technology and teach you how to understand how much electricity you’re using.

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